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About slots

bonus slotsOf all the games you can find in a common casino slots are certainly the simplest and the most exciting to play. And it's not surprising to learn that most casinos generate a good half of their revenue from slots only. What can be simpler and more entertaining than spinning the reels with just a push of a button and testing your luck with each bet played? That's exactly why there are always people hanging around slot machines in conventional casinos and higher traffic in the slot section of casino sites. Slots had a very long journey to the form by which most online players know the game today. It all started more than a century ago as a means to automate poker games and make them possible for one person to play. The typical cards have been changed with special symbols in order to simplify the game the machines have also evolved from purely mechanic to electronic. And as the game steadily became one of the most popular casino activities there were new variations of slots coming into the spotlight, diversifying the gameplay even further and delivering new features to make the game even more exciting. As a result, there are so many variations of slots these days and the difference between them can be so pronounced that new players can actually get confused as to which type of the game to engage in. Moreover, if you run across sites like Nevada poker online that focus solely on the bonus slot variety, the confusion can get even worse since there are so many things featured there. So let's first learn about the basic slot types.

Types of slots

The most essential and basic type of slots are straight slots. There's nothing extra about this game as it's the original variation that has become popular in the beginning of the 20th century. You have three or five reels, several symbols and one pay line where the winning combination has to line up, simple as that. But it's the simplicity that makes this classic game really popular even on the Internet. There are numerous variations of the straight concept with additional cards introduced or multiple pay lines with more reels involved. Multiplier slots stand a bit apart from these variations as they alter considerably the payout in case you hit the special multiplier symbol. Progressive slots take this concept even further by introducing a jackpot that is comprised of all the bets played at a certain machine or network of slot machines, and you get the chance to win up to millions of dollars by playing this type of slots. Still, when it comes to bonus in-game features there's nothing like playing bonus slots. This variation has been around for some time already, but with the transition of gambling to the Internet bonus slots have experienced a boom, since there were so many opportunities for implementing bonus features.

Bonus features

The most exciting thing about bonus slots is that you don't know what's in store for you within a particular state casinos game. You can be taken to a completely different screen with a puzzle game after getting the right combination, or you'll just get extra rolls with the dame bet. It all depends on the imagination of the online roulette games game designers, and since it's much easier to add these features to the game when playing online, there's a lot to expect. It's recommended to read the description of each bonus slot game you run across for a glimpse of what's in store for you. Still, there's always fun and excitement when playing bonus slots, so it's the perfect choice for free bingo no deposit players who are looking for the craziest features they can get with a gambling game.

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